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Avoiding Winter Blues Workshop

Winter blues hit me hard every year.

This workshop is for anyone who couldn't make the fall retreat and still hopes to receive some advice and techniques on how to stay above the changes that come with winter. 

It's the feeling of change and the unknown presented with the closing months of a year. It's panic that two seasons have past and we haven't met our all of our goals and intentions for the year. We feel defeated and not where we want to be. We often feel cold and disconnected during this time imitating all the characteristics of the season itself. It can just be a very unsettling time.

This workshop will focus on transitioning in a healthy and empowering way! A great way to overcome this cycle of thought is to be aware of it. We'll incorporate yoga (movement), meditation, journaling, and more to tune in to our habits and cycles of behavior. Communication and a space for love and support are also important here.

Everyone has their stuff. We're here to support you while you grow and transform through it.

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