Tips for arriving to class


Arriving to your first yoga class..

can be overwhelming. We're here to help lessen this anxiety by explaining what to expect when you arrive, what you will need for your class, and how our studio functions. 

Before class:

- A light snack before class is good, a heavy meal is not. 

- Wear light and comfortable clothing. Layer in the winter time, so you can remove clothing layers when needed. Remove large jewelry, belts, or bulky clothing that could cause you or the instructor injury. 

-  Wear clothing that is not too loose ( this helps the instructor see the placement of your body) but also not too tight (causing constriction of movement of the body) 

- Let the teacher know if you have any injuries or conditions. If you have a serious health condition or injury, please consult a physician before doing yoga. 

- Arrive on time or 10-15 minutes early. You'll need to check in, put your things up, set up your mat, etc. Start the class in a peaceful relaxed state instead of rushing into your class stressed. 

- Bring water. You are going to need it! Bring a snack if you are prone to lightheadedness such as nuts or fruit. 

During Class:

- Listen to your body and the signs it gives you. Know your limits and trust them. 

- Learning to control and follow your breath is important in all yoga classes. This is often hard for beginners who have not had exposure to this. Do not stress about it. You will get it! 

- Be respectful and kind to all fellow yogis in your class. Everyone is at a different place in life and their practice. You never know what your smile and kind words might mean to someone else. 

- Speak up! Our studio wants to develop a working relationship with our students. If you do not understand a posture or sequence, please ask the instructor to elaborate! Your feedback helps us become better teachers!

- Be kind to yourself and your practice. Comparison to other students will only discourage you in your efforts to better you. It's better to focus inward during class.   

- Have fun! It is what you are here for.