Abbey Porte Glover

Abbey is a RYT 200 hour instructor, who completed her training in the Ashtanga lineage, early February at Birmingham Yoga. She has always been interested in the physical body and the movement it is able to create. She received her bachelor's degree in 2014 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Exercise Science. She later went back and minored in Outside Sales. Her love for yoga developed in 2015 when she found yoga classes being offered in music festival campgrounds. It was a perfect blend of culture and community offered in an environment she felt most at home in. In 2016, she developed a daily personal practice to strengthen her body, mind, and heart. She is passionate in advocating that yoga is more than just exercise. It is finding the magic in each of us and developing that magic to it's highest potential.


Katie Boswell

Katie first came to yoga in spring of 2010 after learning about its wonderful effects on the body.  She began practicing yoga at home was hooked after just one session.  She soon discovered yoga to be more than just a good stretch and began taking public classes that focused on connecting mind, body, and spirit.  In the fall of 2017, Katie took the plunge and enrolled in yoga teacher training at Birmingham Yoga under the guidance of Akasha Ellis & Heather Sullivan.  As of February 2018, Katie has been a certified yoga instructor.

In addition to teaching yoga, Katie serves her community through Sweet Om Alabama, a non-profit organization to help further the outreach of yoga in under-served communities in Alabama.  Katie has served as secretary of the Sweet Om board since January 2018.    


When Katie is not working, she enjoys hiking, cooking, playing around with her cats, and reading.  She very much enjoys practicing and learning about all types of yoga.  Her favorite styles to practice are Kundalini, Ashtanga, yin, & slow-flow.  Next on the list to try: Acro!  

Renny Yoga Pic.jpg

Renny Ratcliff

Renny (RYT-500) first experienced yoga many years ago without the expectation of finding a permanent home on her mat. A wanderlust with a keen thirst for new experiences, Renny traveled and adventured for years until deciding to plant roots back in her hometown of Birmingham and share her passion for yoga, spirituality and radical self-acceptance. When she’s not practicing or teaching yoga, you can find Renny captivated in her creative pursuits or getting groovy on the dance floor.

Renny is certain that yoga has saved her life and her quote expresses how she feels about the practice’s transformative potential: “Once you open the doors and step through- you’ve entered into a realm of divine engagement that can shape, heal and save your life. Yoga can take you to the space beyond your dreams- the seemingly impossible becomes tangible. Yoga can teach you acceptance, courage, and stillness. Yoga improves your ability to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. To be vulnerable- not only with yourself on the mat, but with others in your daily life. The road is paved with radiant love and it’s ever changing. With numerous paths to take, the choice is up to you. Each step is progress and should be celebrated with gratitude. Yoga is better than magic. Yoga is art. It’s putting all your pieces together and then letting them fall apart.”

Expect some philosophy, positive affirmations, and empowering movement when stepping into a yoga class with Renny.


Amanda Strauss

As a 500 Hour Certified Yoga teacher, and a healthy-lifestyle enthusiast, I put into practice the three-body experience of Yoga; training the Physical body in strength and balance, the Astral body (Mind*) in awareness and self-control, and the Spiritual body (Soul/Self*) in compassion and unity. With these principles, we, as teachers, can enhance our own quality of life, as well as the lives of our students. In my classes, it is important to emphasis the healing and restoring benefits of Yoga on the lymphatic system, the fascia and connective tissues, the organs and endocrine system, on top of exercising the muscular and the skeletal systems. I am dedicated to the philosophy that a healthy body and mind equates to a happy and prosperous life. Not only do I strive to share my passion for health and fitness with my students, but also to create a welcoming environment and community within the classroom.


Hope Burt - Childcare Instructor

Hope has lived in many states including TN—NC—AL. She currently is a stay-at-home momma who was excited to bring her experience to Kind Roots Yoga. She has a personal background growing up in a Baptist church where she taught Sunday school classes through all ages, and music classes every summer for the VBS program. She was also a summer lifeguard and nanny. She is CPR certified has been every year since high school. Hope attended the University of Tennessee system from 2010-2012 with backgrounds in Biology and Biomedical Sciences. She graduated with a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from North Carolina State University in 2014. She has tons of experience teaching and watching over children and is adored by all of the kiddos at Kind Roots Yoga!!!

Melissa Clevenger - Licensed Masssage Therapist

Melissa is an Alabama native who enjoys spending time with her husband, reading, hiking, and yoga. She completed her massage training through Birmingham's School of Massage and was able to receive training in deep tissue manipulation, Swedish techniques, neuromuscular therapy, and energy work. Melissa is passionate about massage because she feels it can be used as an important tool for developing a self care practice. As the body heals, clients have the opportunity to heal emotionally and mentally from the stress and hustle of life. Massage is an outlet where many are able to embrace and thrive from the opportunity to truly relax and release anything no longer serving them.